Monday, October 19, 2009


We've been in Michigan since last Thursday and it has been such a great trip so far. James has spent a ton of time with all of his cousins and gets a kick out of each and every one. They have done a fabulous job entertaining him and I think teaching him new tricks....crazy boy tricks! Gjulia is such a good helper with both James and George and it's obvious how much she adores her baby cousins. Oh, how I wish we could be closer more often.
Saturday, we had George baptized (photos to be posted at a later time) and over the last two days we have taken a walk in a beautiful nature preserve called Hawk Woods about five minutes away from Fran's mom's house. The season is still in full swing here and the colors are stunning. Both Fran and I love this time of year. You just can't get the same out of fall in Los Angeles...

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