Sunday, November 22, 2009

Curls & a Bobcat

Much like George's blue eyes, I wonder if James' curls are here for the duration. I often hear other moms tell me their kids had (past-tense) curls like that once. Oh, how I hope they are. Many already know of the lack of a pair of scissors in this kid's life but at least we got his bangs
cut so that he can actually see.
This afternoon I got out on a neighborhood walk with James, which was a real treat. He played on the Bobcat that was camped out on the street (highlight of his day) and ran up and down several random driveways all the while trying to tear out the neighbors' plants along the way.

Here are a few of him doing his thing...and yes, he refuses to look at me when I have the camera around him. Grrrrrrr.......

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Shasha Kleinsorge said...


I'm really enjoying the lovely new pictures of those cuties! Thank you so much for sharing your guys with us. I miss them!

Have a happy and God-blessed Thanksgiving!