Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Baby, Another Deserving Post

I  really am trying to catch up.  I seriously thought that after quitting my job I would have oh-so-much-time to do "nothing but play with my kids, taking copious photographs, cook like no tomorrow, and post to my blog" (having a spotless house was on the list too but I gave up on that a loooonnnggg time ago).  Boy was I wrong!  I'm still struggling to find a balance but at a different pace based on a different schedule.  Hence, I'm, oh, almost 7 months late on posting these photographs.  To Steve and Florence, please forgive my delay.
The family and I headed over to meet baby M last June.  Unfortunately I haven't seen her since but Fran tells me she's a doll.

All photographs taken with a Canon 1V on Neopan 1600 (I'm 95% certain) developed and scanned at Fromex.

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