Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Night

Here are a few photos from last night before the festivities, and therefore meltdowns, began. James was really excited and proud to go as Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King, from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Originally I had planned on making him a mask but it turned out too toxic-smelling, so I ditched the idea. Next up, face painting. He was quite patient during the application process and kept wanting to gaze at himself in the mirror. It was priceless.

I keep trying to dodge the Superhero thing with George but he's just not having it. This year he requested to be Ironman, which soon turned into a desire to be both Ironman and Spiderman at the same time. I told him he had to go as Ironman (because we already had the costume) then felt bad about it when I saw a couple of other boys sporting the same mis-matched get-ups. George was our meltdown king last night, which prompted me to rename it to Hallo'whine'. He cried for no less than 45 minutes about whatever set him off: not being allowed to eat every piece of candy he received, Fran taking off his shoes instead of him doing it himself, not being allowed to eat a gobstobber (too much of a choking hazard), and various other reasons I do not know.

Cash was pretty good last night; dressed as Spidey-baby and no real complaints out of him.

James won the trick-or-treating gold star. I could have stayed out with him for another hour at least.

 My personal favorite:

Polaroid 600SE

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