Friday, February 1, 2013


The day after Christmas two of my boys and I boarded a plane for a short trip to Boston. I was crossing my fingers for snow since James and George have never seen it in person, and we typically don't venture back east during the winter months. Mother Nature blessed us with one day of white bliss, and I was very grateful.
The boys embraced the idea of snow but actually spending time in the snow was a different story. Well, that statement is true for one of my boys: George. James probably could have spent hours tromping around and sledding down the hill in my sister's backyard. For George, however, it only took one solid spray of snow in the face during a downhill run to create tears and severe lack of interest. He headed indoors and still talks about the snow in his face to this day.


Mamiya 7ii and Canon 1V; Indie Film Lab & Fromex

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