Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Someone turned FIVE today! I can hardly believe my James has been filling my life with joy for five years now but it's true. Unfortunately, my little man has been sick since Monday and today was no exception. He was happy to stay in bed and open his presents, which included a new stuffed kitty-cat (he loves cats), a special kitty-cat piggy bank from Auntie Taryn, Uncle Mark, Olive, and Perry, and a new puzzle, amongst others. We did manage a single cupcake with a candle brought to his room. Auntie Brooke is also visiting us, so that is a very special birthday treat, though she is quite inundated with sick children.

Below is a photo of James taken quickly this past Saturday as he participated in his very first t-ball game. Don't let the uniform fool you.....he was NOT happy to play ball. Little did I know I have such a sensitive little fella when it comes to team sports. I have a fairly comical video to post of him hitting the ball, taking baby steps to first base, and then refusing to stay there. Tears were also readily flowing and he outright refused to go up to bat for a second time. Poor guy. We're gonna keep at it but he was totally freaked out when people started cheering for him. I think he thought they were laughing at him.

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