Saturday, June 1, 2013


As I take a minute to think about today my eyes can't help but tear up as I remember my James receiving his very first trophy this morning. James started playing t-ball at the beginning of April and it was a rough beginning from the start. He hid behind me during the first practice, didn't want to go up to bat or run to base, he was self-conscience of everyone cheering him on, and he cried off and on during the first couple of games. By the end of the season he was "hitting rockets", cruising to first, fielding like only a 5-year-old can and overall enjoying himself. He still had a hard time making it through the entire game but tried really hard. Today he was awarded "Most Improved Player." He accepted the trophy with probably the biggest smile I have every seen on his face and was so proud to show us what he received. My heart was beyond full as I witnessed his joy, hence the Mama tears. It was one of the highlights of 2013 thus far. I love you, James.

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