Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cashie Turns Two!

Yep, my Cashie turned two stinkin' years old today. My baby is no longer a baby. We had a very mellow day, staying mostly around the house playing, cooking, cleaning, preparing. I wasn't keen on throwing a large birthday party so I kept it small with just us and a couple of friends of ours. I made a cake, the boys jumped on the trampoline and ran like nuts around the perimeter of the house, and the adults enjoyed a bit of wine.
As Cash's second year with us comes to a close, I try to remember what my other boys were up to at the same age. Sadly, I can't; they are all so different and I need to usually refer to notes or photos to jog my memory. Cash still doesn't say much at all. His words include (sorry to bore you) Mama, Papa, bye, here, ma (more), ba (ball), and.....well, that's about it. He tends to scream a lot because he is trying to communicate and get his point across. Strangely, (and my husband is totally amused by this), he and I have no problem having full-on conversations, me talking with my words and him chatting me up with his grunts and groans. Currently I have started potty-training on a very basic level. He seems to enjoy the activity, so we'll see how it goes. His favorite activity is still the act of pushing something, be it a doll stroller, shopping cart, or a child-size car which he seemed to enjoy for hours in Michigan.
As for his brothers, he adores them. George and him seem to be sharing a special bond as George refers to him as "my baby." They laugh and play together and can always be spotted giving one another morning hugs when they first wake up.
Below are some instant photos I took today. As you can see by the first one, it's not so easy to get a decent shot; I had to enlist the help of George. Happy Birthday, my Gjelosh Cash. I love you!

Polaroid 600SE; Fuji 3000

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