Monday, December 30, 2013

Boston Hill Christmas Tree Hunt

George, Cash, and I got to spend  almost a week with Taryn and her family back in North Andover at the beginning of December. One of the activities we did was get a Christmas tree for their home. I must admit 33% of my (Camaj) crowd was an absolute whimp in the cold (George...shhhhh!). He cried and complained through much of this adventure. I guess he's got lots of LA sunshine blood running through his veins! But I loved every moment of being with my sister, Mark, Olive, and Perry.

See George? Totally in cold-hands-but-won't-wear-gloves-melt-down mode. 

Contax 645; Fuji 400h; Richard Photo Lab, LA

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Kerye Morasse said...

I have to say, I love seeing your pictures, they are always so intriguing. So when you posted on FB, I checked out some old posted I had missed. Curious, though, does your sister live on Campbell Road? That looks like the house next to my parents old house. Small world!