Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Baby

He's not so little anymore! James fell off the front porch last face first onto the rim of a potted plant. Ouch! I was about 5 feet away but unable to catch him in time. I can still hear the "thud" from his noggin' greeting the ceramic pot. We iced him up (something he wasn't very fond of), gave him his binky (even though he's been binky-free for a about a week now), let him watch Builder Bob, and checked on him throughout the night to ensure no concussion. The egg on his forehead has subsided but the area around his eye is red and puffy...could quite possibly turn into a black eye.
Anyway, back to "My First Baby"....yeah, he's not so little anymore. Look at this mini-man (pre-fall)!

James 12-09

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