Thursday, January 7, 2010

Angel Babies

Tonight I grieve for this Mother and her family, who lost their precious 8 week old, Gavin, today after a week-long battle with RSV and pertussis. You might think I knew this Mama but I did not, at least not personally. I check her blog almost daily but have not ever met her. This story hit me hard due to the passing of another angel baby over the summer. I am just so saddened by the loss of such sweet lives and at the same time inspired by the courage the parents display to go through such a thing and still keep on living. I don't know how she did it but Natalie blogged almost the entire time she was in the hospital, specifically asking for prayers from around the world. Her belief in God never wavered, and in the end, when the Lord took her precious baby, she accepted his decision and stood strong that he is a good God. Her faith and strength was truly inspiring.
And therefore tonight I feel extremely blessed. I am blessed to have two healthy sons and a loving husband. I am blessed that I have my family and friends that support and love me. I love you all and will continue to pray for the families whose little ones have gone on to be with the Lord.
Rest in Peace, Gavin.

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Shasha Kleinsorge said...

That is certainly an inspirational story. I was weeping as I read her last entries. How did you find out about her?