Friday, January 29, 2010

Contax T3

Not so long ago I got a Contax T3, a small point-and-shoot that takes film. I heard this is a really great camera and figured this might lead me back to including film in my life. These are scans of some of the photos I got back from my first 2 rolls of film, one black and white, one color. The black and white was shot in pretty low light with high ISO, so some of it is pretty grainy, but I must say I love the look of film more and more.

The photo below was taken (obviously) after a lot of rain in Los Angeles. James was super excited to strap on his boots and go exploring. He would all but submerge his face in every puddle he came across and certainly couldn't contain the splashing. His expression below exemplifies what he looked like 75% of our walk. Every time he splashed himself in the face with water, he was both excited and surprised!

Fran and his mom, the real, in person, Gjelina.
Ok, I think my husband looks pretty good here. Agreed?

Fran loves this pose with the kids:

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