Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Film ~ Contax 645

Taryn and Olive came to stay with us for a few days because my sister had a conference to attend down in Dana Point. We got some good time together and aside from the whining, bullying, aversion to sharing, etc, it was a fun trip. We were able to make it up to Malibu a couple of times where we enjoyed the sun, the beach and of course a little shopping. We'll have to give O and J some more time to really be able to play together but at least they got in some practice. We miss you already!
As a sidenote, I got back some film I took with my new Contax 645 and am in love. I definitely need more practice but am smitten with what I was able to capture. I'll be attending Jonathan Canlas' 'Film Is Not Dead' workshop in July and am really excited about learning more from someone so inspiring. I'm a bit nervous too! Below are some images taken with the Contax 645 of Taryn and Olive's trip, along with some family stuff of the boys.
























Emily said...

hey there-
saw your blog on the wallflower friends site and thought i would stop by. this post has me wanting ready to shoot film again. it has been years. but i just put a roll of 120 in my mom's ole rolleiflex!

anyway, the pictures are beautiful. look forward to meeting you in ONE monthat the workshop!

Kisha said...

wow! i adore everything about these images...the colours. the dof - it's all so great! i'm just learning film and this camera is on my future wishlist - as is canlas' workshop! i've heard such good things about it - i'm sure you'll learn so much and have a fab time.

fabulous captures.