Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jamer Time

James' cousins call him "Jamers". He's been having a fantastic time hanging with Zebi and Orion since they arrived with Aunt Shasha Monday night. Tonight he climbed in bed with them and watched them as they played their computer games (photos pending). I can only imagine what technological device will have my son's eyes glued to the screen when he's old enough. For now I simply enjoy witnessing James grow more and more every day into a little person who interacts with others, chooses the books he wants me to read him, is intrigued by the garbage truck, and who is learning that "give kisses" doesn't mean "give headbutts".
I haven't been able to catch James' attention that often when the camera is front of me because, well, I guess he's over it. However, I was able to capture a few moments this past weekend, one of which is a real gem, eye contact and all (the blog really warps the image of its quality but you get the picture).

BloomAssign 2 03
BloomAssign 2 02
BloomAssign 2 01

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