Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shout-Out to Perfecting Your Spoon Skills

This is a short post but one worthy of note.
Every day my son makes small strides in perfecting the little things in life, like using a spoon with ease.  I must say that when you are two it DOES look difficult to use a spoon; it takes a lot of practice to coordinate the dipping the spoon in a bowl of milky cereal and hoisting it up to your two-year-old lips without losing a Kix or two, or five.  He has been practicing this task almost every morning for quite a while now, and like so many other things in his fairly new life, is becoming better and better with each sitting.  Kudos to you my sweet boy!  May all your patience, practice, and determination in life lead to all you want to accomplish!

My apologies for the varied photo sizes.  I run into issues with blogger here and there and this is one of them.  

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Mariana said...

oh Tamara I love these!!! the first one is tooooo cute! love the colors and composition and that little pout! oh my... seriously lovely.