Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gloucester Beach Vacation - An Introduction

This summer has gone by so fast!  I can't believe we are already at the end of August and I am just getting around to posting these. 
Late last spring we decided it would be great to rent a beach cottage somewhere on the Boston coast.  I started stalking Craig's List and other vacation outlets for options but because I was pretty late in the game, there wasn't a ton out there.  Fortunately for me, I jumped online late one night and happened across a CL posting with no photos but a pretty good description of a house for rent on Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA.  It was perfect because it was close enough for my family and friends to come and go as they pleased, and it was situated on a private stretch of the ocean where the kids could play and soak up the water (not to mention that the photos they sent later had just the right amount of New England charm I was hoping for).  
We were not disappointed.
103 Archer turned out to be a perfect place for my family and friends to come together and enjoy one another in the summer sun.  I loved walking out to the ocean up the sandy path through the beach grass and catching a glimpse of James running around like crazy and playing in the sand.  We had cookouts and took walks. We visited Rockport and Gloucester.  We drank a lot of Coronas.  It was definitely a special, magical place for our first go at renting a beach cottage.  Definitely looking forward to next year!

I have a ton of photos to post and was initially thinking I would do it all in one installment, but it's proving too difficult with the daily jugglings of life.  In lieu of that, I'm going to do several smaller posts until I catch up.  All of these photos are a mix of film taken on my Contax 645 and my Fujifilm GF670.  The square ones are shot 6x6 on the GF670.  All developed and scanned at Richard's Photo Lab here in LA. 


Kac Family said...

amazing pictures!

Jonathan Canlas said...

dude, these are amazing. i LOVE that gf670!