Saturday, April 10, 2010

February Day at the Beach

I'm finally getting around to posting photos of adventures over the last couple of months. Whew! Starting with the February visit by Aunt Shasha, Zebi, and Orion, hopefully I'll be caught up in no time! It's tough juggling life with a hubby, two kids, a little bit of work, and everything else that goes with it.
I had been wanting to check out a beach not too far from us that seemed to have all the elements of a relaxing beach day: the ocean, sand, clean bathrooms, few people, and a short walk from parking to beach. The seven of us piled into the car and drove ten minutes north (another ingredient of a successful beach trip) where we played in the sand and splashed in the waves. James had a grand time with his Papa in the water and with his cousins. George was a little more work but it was all worth it to have the family together - Aunt Shasha's help was tremendously helpful - thank you, Shasha!
All Photos taken with a Contax T3

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