Monday, April 26, 2010

Thankful for Jessica

It's hard for me to leave my babies. I miss them during the day when I'm at work, or out running errands, or even when I feel like I need some me time and choose to be alone; I miss them.
Thankfully, we have a wonderful person who works hard at loving them, keeping them happy, warm, fed and safe when we are not around: Jessica. I am so grateful we found her and that she found us. I am thankful my kids are so completely content and happy around her and that I do not have to worry one single bit once I close the door. Her presence in our lives make living with two little ones a lot easier - a lot more worry-free.
Today Jessica threw James a belated birthday party at the park they frequent (last week was too rainy and cold). She took him to the store to pick out the cake he wanted, brought a pinata filled with treats, and I'm sure did a whole lot more I am not even aware of to make sure he had a great time. All of James' friends were there to celebrate and sing songs. She took some video of the event and I could not help but post it. He had a fantastic time. Thank you so much Jessica!


This last one I am posting because it makes me giggle - G going after the little boy's hair. I mean, I feel bad for the poor kid but it just makes me laugh. He is definitely into grabbing at hair these days.

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