Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Witch and A Mummy

Halloween 2011 was just as fun as last year in Michigan. We packed up the kids and went over to Chris & Tanya's house in Rochester, whose neighborhood is just about the most perfect Halloween set-up anywhere. Almost every house participates in some capacity (no dark houses here), and there are loads of children running around all over the place. The only difference from last time was that James was a total maniac as he ran from house to house on the heels of his cousin, Zeb. Seriously, he could not be stopped; after we left the house I barely saw him, except for his black cape.
For two months James told me he wanted to be a witch. At first I was skeptical, thinking he'd surely forget about it or change his mind. But no, he never wavered. There were times when I asked him if he wanted to be, say, Batman or an astronaut. He replied yes, he would like to be those things for Halloween as long as he was a Batman "witch" or an astronaut "witch". Yep, the witch was hear to stay. (And no, calling him a warlock meant nothing - he still wanted to be a witch). So, off I went trying to conjure up a semi-masculine boy witch, hat, broom, and all.
Now, when George decided he was going to follow suit and started requesting to be a witch, that's when I put my foot down and simply told him he was going to be a mummy. "Oh, a mummy. Ok, Mama, I'm a mummy". Goodness, I love him.
Before we left for the night at Nani's house:
The witch laugh:
James and George here with James' Halloween escort:
Later on at the Demetral's house:
My Peekaboo Halloween Baby with him Papa:

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