Friday, November 4, 2011

All The Things That Shouldn't Go On While Watching Football

Well, we are back! After spending the last three weeks in Michigan with the Camaj family, including a short trip to Boston, we arrived in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. Though we had a great time, I was happy to be home sleeping in my own bed last night.  I think I have about 23 rolls of film to develop, so I've really got nothing to post just yet. But, I did stumble across this photo that I took just before leaving at the beginning of October, hence the title of this post of what should not go on:
1.) Baby sleeping on a fluffy pillow covered by another pillow.
2.) Baby sleeping on his stomach.
3.) Hmmmm.....maybe baby in the care of Papa so that I can get a short break.
4.) Papa laying down eating a messy sandwich in bed.
5.) Mama letting it all go down all the while snapping a photo.
Ok, now off to unpack 3 suitcases!
Mamiya 7ii; Delta 3200 pushed to 6400; Fromex, Marina Del Rey

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Cindy said...

Aw - but it's adorable!