Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cash at almost Eight Months

With Cashie's 8-month mark right around the corner, I felt the urge to share him a little, so I pulled out the camera. He's kinda sitting up by himself (brief periods of time), says "ma-ma-mmmm-ma-ma", which I choose to believe is Mama, and still adores Papa, George, James, and others close in his life. And he's got a REALLY small nose surrounded by a lot of hair, so that's cute too. 
Also, a photographer friend of mine, Lauren Pressey, came over this past week to capture my sweet prince and me. Her work is beautiful (she also took our photos when I was pregnant with George), and I am so thankful to have these images; I treasure them so. You can see them here: Mama and Cash

Contax 645; TriX-400; Fromex, Marina Del Rey

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Kia Gregory said...

Wow! He is adorable! Those cheeks and chubby arms!