Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Cashie Challenge

Truth be told, Cashie has been my most challenging baby. Not in the sense he had colic but in the "I want my Mama told hold me ALL DAY LONG. And, if I don't get that I'm gonna whine and cry until it happens." I sure do love my Cashie, but it has been a rough couple of months. I wake up each morning with a renewed vow to make it through emotionally unscathed. But, by 2 p.m., I am usually completely worn down. Now I know he's just a baby and that babies deserve to be held and snuggled and cuddled and given loads of love. I try my best to make this happen.....but within reason. There is absolutely no way I can hold him all day long. I have two other young boys in my life that also need time with Mama. Whenever I put Cash down, I have approximately 3 minutes before the whining begins. And believe me, he is relentless. Maybe I've taught him this. Maybe it's just his nature. A part of me loves that he loves me so much to want to be in my arms for hours at a time. But another part of me yearns to have a solid half-hour to clean the kitchen without interruption, put away laundry, or simply build a road with my older boys. We are still working on a balance. 
Last week my sweet baby boy turned 7-months old. He's rolling effortlessly from stomach to back, holding his toys tightly, switching items from hand to hand, loves swinging at the park, gobbling up pureed foods, enjoying his bath-time, flirting with the ladies, complaining about toys that he drops, happily interacting with his brother George (my prediction as they will be great friends), and sleeping longer at night. (Daytime naps are not happening much, but we are working on them). 

Mamiya 7ii; Delta 3200; Fromex

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