Friday, September 7, 2012

George Turns 3

George turned three-years-old this past week and had been talking about "his birthday party" six-months beforehand. I, on the other hand, had been dreading the potential planning of a party. In fact, it wasn't until about a week or so beforehand that I finally sent a few emails out inviting some families George was familiar with. It was supposed to be super-small, mostly because I am a stressed-out and terrible party-planner. But, it started growing, and I don't really know how. For the sake of my George and his birthday party dreams, I went ahead and followed through. (If you weren't invited, please don't take it personally....I really only invited a few people).
On to the party: I'll let you take a guess at what theme he had. After trying desperately to talk him into dinosaur them (trip to the Museum of Natural History, lots of tyrannosaurus rex talk), he insisted on Batman, though swayed back and forth between the Masked Crusader and Spiderman. And, if you have ever wondered what my dear husband Fran might look like dressed up as Batman, the photos below will make it painfully obvious. ADD ON: The first thing George said when he said Batman appear: "Papa, can I wear that costume?" Can't fool that kid!
George had a great time. His favorite part? The cake.
 Contax 645; TriX 400; Fromex, MDR

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Brooke Forrelli said...

I like the one of Batman drinking a beer.