Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Water Rascal

Yesterday I took my boy James swimming at a friend's house. Since he doesn't know yet how to swim, he spent the entire time with a lifejacket on while his friend Jackson swam free. Near the end of our visit he claimed he was finally hungry, so I took off the jacket and he lingered beside me. As I turned to pull the items out of his lunchbox, he ran to the far end of the pool and jumped in. Solo. No lifejacket. No nuthin'. His little face popped up from the water and he began paddling hard toward the side. I was shocked, frightened, and happy for him all rolled into one. He definitely needed some help near the end, and I was so thankful I was there to lend him a hand. He spent the next 10 minutes jumping in and moving his arms and legs as fast as he possibly could as he practiced his new-found skill. He was so very proud of himself.
If there is one thing this kid has got, it's an immense amount of determination. And believe me, I will be on high alert every time there is a body of water around until my fish perfects his paddling.

Contax 645; FIND Lab

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Meredith Sledge said...

This is a great picture!!! LOVE IT. Your blog is fantastic!! Beautiful work!