Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Look Huge on this Sofa.

Yes, you read me write. But, I'm posting this photo anyway because I really wanted to post something to my blog tonight, and I feel like I don't have many options. This is a moment of love between me and my baby boy. So, I'm going to try to move past the self-conscience Tamara.
It was a rough kinda week this week (and we're only on Thursday). I got a terrible stomach bug very early Tuesday morning that kept me running to the bathroom every 1/2 an hour or so for almost 12 hours. Then, I was so weak I could barely stand up straight. In fact, I didn't....until late Tuesday night. Wednesday was a good day without sickness.
But, I miss my two older sons. I spend most of my days nursing Cash and trying to do things around the house during his sleepy time. The boys spend their days at the park with Jessica or at school for James. I'm still hesitant to pack up the baby and head out to the park at 5 weeks old. Until we get into a better schedule, I sadly wave good-bye to James and George and look forward to hearing their little feet pitter patter back up to the door followed up with a cheerful "Hi Mama". I love those boys.

Mamiya 7ii, self-timer, zone-focused (working out a lot better than I thought!); Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 800; Dev. & Scanned at Fromex

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