Friday, August 26, 2011

Sometimes he gets mad.

Cash turned 4 weeks this past Wednesday. Once again, I feel like time is flying by so fast. He's a great little eater and sleeps most of the days and nights away (that's not to say I'm not up at all hours throughout the night, because I am). I was actually getting a little concerned about all his sleeping but I should probably just relish the quiet time; I don't recall my first two sleeping quite as often though. He has started to look around a little bit more. Sometimes he just stares at the light as it bounces around outside the window and sometimes looks around in no particular direction. Today we had some tummy time that seemed to go pretty well. After that I put him in the carseat and we ventured out to run an errand and pick up James from school. As with all babies, when Cash gets hungry he gets MAD. Unfortunately I found myself in this situation on my way to get James. It's no fun to listen to a crying baby in the backseat of your car. It makes me want to bite all my fingernails off.

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