Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Self-Portrait With Baby Cash

This was taken with my Mamiya 7ii, 65mm 4.0 lens, using Tri-X 400; self-timer. I really like experimenting with this function, but I hold my breath until I get my film back. Here I was testing out zone-focusing. I'm pretty sure I had the aperture set at f8. Though there are not a lot of "keepers," having just one image that speaks to me is enough motivation for me to keep trying.


Wendy Gibson said...

really this is so beautiful. i'm amazed at how taken i am with the b/w color (that makes no sense, i know but hope it makes some sense to you) it's soft and creamy and perfect contrast. love seeing you and your new perfect little boy

Jeffrey said...

Can't wait to meet Cash

Veronica Rose said...

This photo is beyond beautiful Tam! You look more beautiful than I have ever seen you. Congratulations to you both!!!! I love the name cash. Lots of love, V