Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hey all! Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Whew, it has been quite the active few weeks in this household, and I'm kinda glad it's over. The tree is down, the ornaments are put away, and I'm looking forward to the start of a fresh, new year; hopefully one that involves sleep. Recently I had to send my workhorse of a camera, my Contax 645, off to the shop to be repaired, so I really haven't been taking many photographs at all. In fact, I think I only took a handful on Christmas morning when the boys were playing with the famous marble game. Other than that, I relied on video to capture some sweet moments. It freed up my hands and allowed me to concentrate on just the moment. There's something to be said about that instead of constantly trying "document it all." Nonetheless, I'm excited to get my camera back in the near future as I'm having withdrawals!
We spent the holidays hanging local here in Venice. I was able to catch up with my family back in Boston via iChat and am so thankful we have source of communication to keep events up to date.  I love seeing my niece and nephew, and the boys enjoy the interaction as well. Anyway, we opened presents in the morning and played with various toys throughout the day while I cooked. We then tried to enjoy a mellow Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, neither James or George had an afternoon nap, so James basically fell apart at the table. (Oh, the joys!) James took a short nap, rejuvenated himself and continued playing with the marble game. Seriously, that is one toy that never fails to please.
I'm going to start the year with a promise to myself to catch up with all the photos I meant to blog but never did. So here's George, a day or two after his 2nd birthday this past September. Grampie sent this ever-loved Superman costume and he totally digs it!

Contax 645; FujiPro 400h; One Hour Photo Avenue

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Wendy Gibson said...

so wanted to come see you on Jan 2, but i didn't even call or email cuz i just knew we wouldn't make it. (but were your ears burning anyhow as i dept mentioning, "...or, i just might go down to Venice..." over and over again. i really would love to bring my girl up to see you and your boys. she loves littles so much it would be fun to make it happen (and you'd likely get a teenie break... she loves to keep the kids occupied, only child thing? i dunno). well love your posts as usual. putting my prop mgr hat on now, have two renters breaking leases (i only have 3 props). stress. xoxo.