Monday, January 9, 2012

Cash Master Flash - 5 months

Well, here he is....5 months old! I can hardly believe it, but I feel like this little guy is turning into a real person. We are just starting to get him to sleep for 3 hour stretches (sometimes longer) at night, so that is a huge relief and much more welcome than hourly wakings. He still wants to be held most of the time he's awake and doesn't like the stroller that much. He often stares sweetly and smiles at George, who is the most interactive with him of the two older boys. Cash tries with all his might to roll over, but when you are in the 90% percentile for height and weight, it's a challenging feat (we just stopped swaddling him so that might allow for more practice in the crib). He ADORES going on the swing outside, as well as making noises with his tongue sticking out. I'm trying to get him to bond with something other than me, so I introduced him to this stuffed bla-bla doll. He really enjoys chewing on its arms and I'm hoping it becomes his comfort item. Next month we introduce solid foods!
For the next two, I couldn't get him to stop making noises with his tongue, hence, it's sticking out!
Canon 1V; Tri-X 400 pushed to 800; Fromex, MDR

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Mariana said...

he's TOO ADORABLE tamara!!! insanely cute! and the pictures are stunning, I loved them all.