Sunday, January 22, 2012

Does Out of Focus Mean Ruined?

Friday was a hard day for Cash and me. It started off good but slowly deteriorated and ended with me in tears. Most days I can roll with the constant fussing, crying and restlessness but Friday it just got to me. The root of the problem is sleep, and the fact that Cash doesn't need much. Now that he is sleeping more at night (yay!), it seems as though he just plows through the day without needing much precious sleep at all (boo).  This probably sounds like I have nothing to complain about, but honestly it makes for a really long day when you have a baby that wants to be held most of the time starting at 6 a.m., and two other boys with whom you'd like to be involved.  When Cashie naps it allows me to rejuvenate; it provides me an opportunity to gas up for the next few hours filled with playing, eating, answering, cleaning, etc.. By 4:30 Friday I called Fran pleading with him to come home so that I could get a break from my precious love, Baby Cash. 
Anyway, this post wasn't supposed to be about more sleep issues. It truly started off as a post on the fact the images below are out of focus. Somehow I got sidetracked with everything else going on in my life. Last week I shared 10 minutes of time with Cash and my Mamiya 7ii.  My Mamiya is my go-to camera when I want to document a piece of my life by actually being present in the photograph instead of behind the lens (I use the self-timer).  Life can get so loud and crazy around here, and it's good for me to stop and make time for the moments that pass so quickly. I set this up using zone focusing, something I've used in the past and continue to experiment with. I've had pretty good luck so far, but this time it didn't work out that well. It's clear that in most of them my leg is in focus but Cash and I simply are not. Even so, I don't feel like the images are a total loss. They remind me of a short moment in time when Cash and I bonded outside of all the craziness and everything was just the way it ought to be. I'm going to pull these up next time the goin' gets tough and the day feels completely out of focus. Because it's certainly not ruined. 

Mamiya 7ii; Delta 3200 rated @ 2500; Fromex

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