Sunday, January 15, 2012


A while back were given a toy vacuum that made its way around the house quite often until a piece broke off and it started scratching the floor. I had to throw it away. From then on when I went to vacuum, George was right behind me asking "Where's my vacuum?" Each time I told him it broke and I had to throw it away. "But where's my vacuum?" would be his response. (I guess the idea of being taken away to a very deep hole never to be seen again couldn't register a two-year-old - who can blame him?) Well, on Christmas Eve we were visiting some friends and George grabbed hold of their toy vacuum. I told Bridget, "Oh, this boy loves his vacuum and I need to get him another one really soon." She sweetly asked that we take theirs because her kids never played with it, so off it went to its new home (Thank you again, Bridget!). So now, George has another vacuum with which enthusiastically follows me around the house cleaning.  Score for George!

Canon 1V; TriX400; Fromex Photo, Marina Del Rey

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